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November Hair

If you’ve found your way here then I guess you’re wondering who it is behind The Weight Of My Worlds! My name’s Victoria, and I’m in my 20’s; keep reading to find out a little more about me!

Here’s a little about me. I love art, interior design and creating things. I love doing yoga, listening to good tunes, cooking good food, and I love fashion. I also love having a good Netflix binge now and again, and more importantly than everything else, I love my family. Oh and this is all whilst I’m learning to love myself.

Along with all the good stuff about me, because I’m human, I have other things that I hide too. For example; I’m a sufferer of anxiety, I have lots of body issues, OCD challenges and I struggle with eating issues. I’ll touch on those at some point in a few posts!

I’m fairly shy when you meet me in person; but I’m also very open when you get to know me (it’s amazing what hiding behind a screen will do for opening up haha).. And as you can see from reading this far, I’m going to be completely open and honest on here, so please enjoy the ride that is my life.


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